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Noteworthy News Of Other Blogs

Frank at IMAO is one year old today. He writes remarkable well for an infant... Seriously he has a fascinating recap of year one here. Did I mention that Frank is a leader of the Baby Seal Clubbing Association? Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about that. My campaign to get on Frank's blogroll begins today!!!

Chipstah! is back with the story of the role of advertising in the rise of Coors Lite. I didn't realize that they had overtaken Miller Lite, good show!

Dammit, I forgot to wish Jen a happy birthday! Jen the card is in the mail! I can however offer you the famous Dancing Banana.

Acidman is having his equipment overhauled this morning. Just thinking about it gives me the willies. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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"Just thinking about it giv... (Below threshold)

"Just thinking about it give me the willies"
("He said 'willy'--huh huh huh")

I was also unaware that Coo... (Below threshold)

I was also unaware that Coors Lite has overtaken Miller Lite. That seems wrong to me but of course, I like beer, so maybe that's the reason. To me, Coors Lite tastes less like beer than any beer I've ever tasted. Just my opinion.

Obviously jaboobie has neve... (Below threshold)

Obviously jaboobie has never tasted Bud Lite.....(I only did once, but only because everyone else was doing it....)

Beer is often more about br... (Below threshold)

Beer is often more about brand imagery and marketing than taste. Especially in Coors Light's case. Anybody remember the old joke about the similarity between Coors Light and sexual intercourse in a canoe?

Both are f**king close to w... (Below threshold)

Both are f**king close to water :)






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