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Why Change In Iran?

Overthrow of the Muslim fundamentalist government in Iran is the best hope for democracy in the Middle East.

Why? Iranians have seen both sides of the coin. Most of them are old enough to remember the reign of the Shah, yet all of them have lived through the repression of the Ayatollah's. In the event of a Soviet style collapse of the current government Iran would be light years ahead of Iraq in becoming a model of a self governing Muslim nation. Iranians both inside and outside Iran have substantially more experience with western ways of governance and capitalism.

It is hard to predict what an Ayatollah-free Iran would become, but it is a safe bet that it would achieve stability and become a calming influence in the region far faster than Iraq.

Update: Visit Carnival of the Liberties at Winds of Change.NET. My inspiration for this post.

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Kevin,Nope. A minor... (Below threshold)

Nope. A minor fact-check, but more than 50% of the people of Iran were born after the Shah was overthrown. Something approaching 60%, then, aren't even old enough to remember anything about life under royalty rather than under Sharia.

But everything else is right on the money.

A quick check of the CIA fa... (Below threshold)

A quick check of the CIA fact book indicates you're probably right on the percentages. My only counter would be that a sizable portion of the population remembers, and all the ex-pats do. They at least had the opportunity to pass on stories and lore to their children. That said, life under the Shah was not peaches and roses either. But I still think they would "get it" faster than Iraqi's.






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