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Fun With Server Logs

Time for another edition of "Fun With Server Logs". This week I've had to lump all Survivor chicks Playboy pictures into the number 1 spot or the list would be nothing but variations on the 7 words in the number 1 spot. I've decided to add witty comments to each item. I'm sure I will fail miserably in actually being funny though...

Since I'm so popular with the nude picture crowd I might as well let them see a NEW picture of the Survivor girls (Not quite work safe). So as not to jam up the main page and not to force the pictures on anyone, please follow this link if you want pictures.

Below the fold you will find the fresh list of search terms that lead the unsuspecting to Wizbang.

Search Term Comment
jenna morasca heidi strobel playboy pictures survivor To be expected
udp packet I did have a post on this
evelyn hernandez autopsy Hey I found a new blog this way
puppetry of the penis Sorry no story here
testicletheater.com Meryl I'll take the hits for you!
sackie gleason Again it's the nutsack guy
accidental jedi What a real blog? Be gone from my search listings :-)
don and mike internet feed Good luck buddy
miss vermont story update I'm on the case!
site wizbangblog.com morasca They could have used my search box...
slammer packet Nothing sexual here
udp hacking Not on my watch
derugen WTF?
paul kariya married selanne Who are these people and why should I care?
ordinary people with extraordinary ideas Sorry you don't qualify

That's all for now...

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