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Mutant Diana Shelved

Publisher scraps mutant superhero Diana

A US comic book publisher has decided to let Princess Diana rest in peace, dropping plans to reincarnate her as a mutant comic superhero.

Marvel Enterprises Inc says in a statement that "upon reflection" it will remove Diana and all references to the royal family in its upcoming X-Statix monthly comics.

The about-face follows a recent announcement by Marvel Comics that it planned to introduce Diana as one of a team of super-powered mutants in a five-series storyline called Di Another Day.

Now we'll never see the showdown with the Medusa-like villainess Camilla. Pity...

Comments (2)

Thank God. I'm not one of t... (Below threshold)

Thank God. I'm not one of those people who was obsessed by Di, but that seemed pretty screwed up to me.

A friend of mine said she w... (Below threshold)

A friend of mine said she was very disappointed, because she wanted to see Mutant Diana use her major power of emoting.

And her husband was disappointed that the evil villain Charles wouldn't be showing up, either.






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