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Show Your Link Cosmos

I've added the Link Cosmos item to individual post entries. The link will take you to the Technorati link list for that post. If you want the code to do it yourself see this post at my WizbangTech site. Any blogging system (even Blogger) can implement this feature. Code blocks for quick cut and paste are available for MT, Blogger, and BlogWorks XML. As soon as some enterprising pMachine, GreyMatter, Bloxom, etc. user will send me the permalink tag for those programs I will add variations for them as well. If you decide to use it at your site, how about hitting the Blogroll Wizbang! link?

It's ridiculously simple, isn't it?

Update: Kate and Michele are using this trick now, so I predict it has a bright future :-)


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Comments (8)

My knee-jerk response was t... (Below threshold)

My knee-jerk response was to think it was redundant with TrackBack enabled, but then I realized that it functions much the same way that my "Are You Envenomed?" script works by pulling from the mighty Technorati, which means that blogs that lack TB capability can get recognition, too.

My god, all the non-respons... (Below threshold)

My god, all the non-responses on my blog would give me severe depression. I don't want to know that no one is reading, you see.

Heh! That's good! It will... (Below threshold)

Heh! That's good! It will be interesting to see how often and who implements it...

Yo..thanks. Now I know for ... (Below threshold)

Yo..thanks. Now I know for sure that no one reads what I post!

Sorry that I’m not ab... (Below threshold)

Sorry that I’m not able to be more specific. My narcotics are kicking in. All of pMachines tags, are, I think here.

On second thought, maybe you just want this: %%weblog_permalink%%

Kevin, I'm pretty sure (At ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I'm pretty sure (At least as I've got it implemented at the moment)... for Greymatter just swap out.




And it should work for Greymatter. (i'm still trying to figure out how/if Greymatter would allow for the individual linked-listings... that one I've been stuck on for a while.)

Very cool stuff! Do me a f... (Below threshold)

Very cool stuff! Do me a favor and please add your cool hack to the Technorati Developer's Wiki, at http://developers.technorati.com/wiki

There are lots of cool Technorati hacks on that site. Thanks again for using and enjoying the service, I'm glad that we can be of use to you.

Oh, and send us feeback at [email protected]!


This looks quite awesome, a... (Below threshold)

This looks quite awesome, and I'd love to add it to my blog, but the blogger code doesn't seem to be working for me (nothing shows up different at all when I put the code in my template). I do have "#" symbols in my permanent links. (So, for example, one post's archive link is http://ichikawa.blogspot.com/2004_02_01_ichikawa_archive.html#107748784343524146.)






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