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Default Link Behavior Has Changed

I'd been meaning to fix the links opening new windows for a while, but just hadn't done anything about it. Please note there is now a Links Open New Windows checkbox on the left side bar. All links in new posts and blogrolls will now NOT open new windows by default. I seriously doubt that I am going to fix older posts though...

The checkbox is a stop gap measure until I can implement a cookie setting to remember your checkbox preference.

Comments (4)

You're quick!... (Below threshold)

You're quick!

Told you it was in the work... (Below threshold)

Told you it was in the works :-)

The cookie code is a bit harder...

Hey Kevin,Gotta ques... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin,
Gotta question. What makes your (my) comments disappear? I swear I haven't even looked at my template since I last emailed you and I just went to my site and now they're gone....
Is it my computer, God REALLY not wanting me to have comments or just my typical luck?
I won't touch a thing 'til I hear from you...I'd probably only make it worse.

They're back...I read your ... (Below threshold)

They're back...I read your comment, became dizzy and had to shake it off. I have no idea what ya did, but Thank You-again...lol.
Silly me, I hand typed the html you sent me into where ya told me and it worked for a bit. Did I do something wrong? I hit "post & publish"....They were there, then they weren't. The only reason I want to know if it was me is so I don't do it again. I was going to ask eventually about switching over to the Blog Out comments, but I think I'll just leave well enough alone. Unless they disappear again...maybe then I'll try changing. (At least now I know what goes where...)






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