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Does Size Matter?

Apparently men are not the only ones concerned about size. Here's a survey for the ladies.

*** Warning - May Not Be Work Safe (Graphic Language)

Update: I forgot to include the survey for men. It's sort of like a twisted essay contest. The same content warnings apply.

Comments (4)

Way too much information...... (Below threshold)

Way too much information...and that last question...

Hi Best Guy in the World!!!... (Below threshold)

Hi Best Guy in the World!!!

I did it, it worked and, in my personal and hard to change opinion, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!

I don't know if this is the best post to comment under, but what the hell. I'll read the questions right after I get done re-bedding the cows. (Which means spreading their bedding back out 'cause they push it all up to the front of the free stalls where it does them no good...)

And, I had to laugh out loud at you're idea of letting your kids post. While I was doing the template thing, and even now, I've got two out of four kittens sleeping between me and my keyboard. Before they finally passed out, the one kept trying to "help" me type and I had the same thought about letting them someday and posting it, just for shits-n-giggles.

Thank you again for helping me out, especially since you DO have so much going on. My Gawd. I owe ya! Tons!

You're a genius, you're a genius, you're a genius...if anybody questions this, tell 'em to come ask me about it!

Centimeters? Who has a too... (Below threshold)

Centimeters? Who has a tool like that handy? I can't even find my can opener.

I was thinking that just fi... (Below threshold)

I was thinking that just figuring out the answers to that quiz is entirely too much like work.

Don't really care how I, ah, measure up in that survey.






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