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Two Good Blogs Not Closing

Two regular stops of mine are not disappearing after all. Robyn and The Fire Ant Gazette.

Robyn was a victim of serious troll attacks (which she alludes to but does not detail - not that it's any of our damm business). for daring to question the state of the economy. She hasn't indicated when or how she will return, but I'm sure we will find her when she returns.

Eric at The Fire Ant Gazette was feeling like he wasn't any good at blogging. Fortunately he reconsidered that assessment, as it was not accurate to start with. Good thing he didn't stop as he was a go to site for Tour de France coverage.


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Comments (2)

I'd hate to see anyone clos... (Below threshold)

I'd hate to see anyone close down a blog for any reason other than just not wanting to do it anymore.

Well, Unless the cops shut ... (Below threshold)

Well, Unless the cops shut you down. That might be funny to see.






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