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Blog News And Showcase Votes

Zogby Blog has moved. I've had it on my Running List of Blogspot Defectors for over a month, but aparently template and design issues delayed the move. It's an excellent blog. Also he's got a great caption contest running right now. I've got it won, so there's no need to enter, but it's still a funny picture.

My votes for the New Weblog Showcase:

1) Boots And Sabers
2) Who Tends the Fires
3) Bad Money

I'll take my payments in cash (just kidding). You can sponsor Wizbang in the Blogathon, no pressure though (not kidding about that)...

Noteworthy blog: Econopundit. Love the blog, the contest entry was not as good as the rest of site, but as an Econ major I love it. If he thinks econometrics are hard now he should have tried doing them on a DEC PDP system...

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Hi --Actually, the... (Below threshold)

Hi --

Actually, they wouldn't let me use the PDP, we were forced onto the VAX with ancient TSP, etc. I finally learned what I was doing on an IBM PC-1 (yeah, 16k) with Micro-TSP 1.1.

Thanks for the nice words.

Steve Antler






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