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Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 2

This weeks entries in the Bonfire of the Vanities were so good (bad) that they did not require a celebrity mocking. The entries speak for themselves; poorly...

Bonfire of the Vanities

Items to throw onto the Bonfire:

  • John links to a story about suicide instructions found on the Internet, then advises the spokeswoman quoted in the article to follow the victims lead. The moral of the story is: Try to avoid angry blogging after one too many hours in a bar with friends.
  • David (zombyboy) continues a Bonfire tradition of posting a worthless piece of news about a celebrity mega babe and failing to accompany it with a picture of said celebrity in a see through top. For shame…
  • Jay shows he is a little behind on the Iranian political structure. When a commenter points out your lack of knowledge on the subject, it's probably a sign that you should not have made the post.
  • Harvey risks the ire of the Secret Service to bring you this? He pondered this bill for about an hour, and that's the best he could do? In retrospect, he should've just sprinkled sugar on the damn thing and eaten it whole. He swears he's gotten better at captioning since then. You be the judge...
  • Sean apparently does not understand that cat blogging means never having to lift a lame headline. The 5 cat blogging readers out there want to form a relationship with the bloggers cat, not read a story about a baseball player who picked up a kitty. I predict his cat blogging days are over.
  • Adam used the copyright symbol a few hundred times in describing an interlude with a deranged sociopath's ex-wife. Sounds like it's time to get out of Dodge.
  • Tiger manages to piss of everyone, Hall of Fame material. I bet he wishes he never posted that…
  • Serenity had a cold and blogged it. Alert the media. Whining about illness is always a good entry for the Bonfire.
  • Margi plays with fire in mocking Frank. I'm sure the "nut job" reference was meant lovingly!
  • Susie has no popcorn at her theater. Unless she was running The Hulk on every screen, there must have been some upset customers.
  • Bill Hobbs (who has clearly wandered into the wrong corner of the blogosphere by entering this contest) rattles the tip jar. Blegging is blegging whether you have a cartoon to go with it or not. Tip jar posts are always eligible for the Bonfire.
  • Wince makes a reader fix the template at Wince And Nod. Oops.
  • As for me, that's easy. No one cares about eight unemployed journalists with a lame web site, including me. What the hell was I thinking…
Bonus Material
  • Meryl Yourish informs me that she never writes anything that isn't brilliant sucks. How then does she explain this? OK, it doesn't suck, so maybe she's right.
  • Frank gets honorable mention for the worst idea of the week, by inviting his readers to get themselves added to the InstaPundit "kill file". Glenn responded by failing to link Frank yet again. Brewing BlogFued, or calculated stunt?

Want To Join?
E-mail me a link to your worst post of the week and include any extenuating circumstance, humorous commentary, or self serving excuse for your pathetic post. Get your entries for next weeks edition to me via e-mail by noon EST Monday July 21th.

And while I have your attention: Fight autism, sponsor Wizbang in Blogathon 2003.


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Comments (8)

My name is Paul now? Good ... (Below threshold)

My name is Paul now? Good to know, I better start making some calls.

Sorry... I'm lame like tha... (Below threshold)

Sorry... I'm lame like that sometimes.. Fixed...

Alright, I sent one in.... ... (Below threshold)

Alright, I sent one in.... what, am I not bad enough for you? I'm not sure what to say... I'm.... hurt. You're going to end up giving me a superiority complex.
The problem is, nobody has a Carnival of the Mediocrities... yet.

At least I learned somethin... (Below threshold)

At least I learned something new!!! Yeah, that WAS embarassing.

btw: I might add that I bus... (Below threshold)

btw: I might add that I busted a gut with your review of my entry.

I'll be sure to add more in the future.

"Alert the media" ...damn that kills me.

Serenity - It's my favorite... (Below threshold)

Serenity - It's my favorite line from "Arthur". It's what the butler says when Arthur tells him he is going to take a bath. It worked then, it still works :-)

Pietro - Perhaps you are too good for this :-). Seriously I never got your message... Everyone visit his site and leave comments on every post that sucks... Just kidding - send a form message to Glenn Reynolds about him instead.

Kevin, you should have a we... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you should have a weekly post with all the names you botched.

And when will Glenn have the guts to make a submission?

It's nice to see a picture ... (Below threshold)

It's nice to see a picture of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Bonfire.






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