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Hunting For Bambi?

The whole thing is so preposterous. Hunting For Bambi is a scam. Why?

  • It's staged
  • There's no actual paying customers, just paid models and the owners friends
  • Its a front to sell videos (ala Bumfights) which they now have exposed to a wide audience for FREE
  • Anyone remember the Baby Ink story? That was a fake.

If any of you ladies would like to pay 5,000 to 10,000 dollars a piece to shoot paintballs at me, I'd play along...


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Comments (6)

Eeeewwww. How stupid. The... (Below threshold)

Eeeewwww. How stupid. The people making this dreck are illiterate. Didya notice how they spelled "censored"? And, is it the height of salesmanship these days to get Howard Stern fans talking? I used to like Howard-he's gotten BORING since he and Alison divorced-but getting the majority of his fans talking can't be too hard. Just say "naked bimbos" or any of the "seven deadlies" or the word "lesbian". Do that and you've got the attention of 99% of his fans. LOL. Why would anybody PAY MONEY for this crap? Tell ya what...if you know anybody who has the money to spend on this crap, tell 'em to send it to me. They obviously have so much money, they don't know what to do with it all and I need the money more than the dorks who made this video do to get a lawyer for Eric so he can finally get divorced from his Medusa-looking BC and, besides, I've got hooters. They're pretty big and I never wear bras. (There. That should start the cash flowin' in...) ;-)

I think the idea that men w... (Below threshold)

I think the idea that men would actually pay thousands of dollars to shoot women with paintball guns sounds fake, but they are marketing videotapes with "shoots," so to me it sounds like a case of the internet catering to bizarre tastes.

i live in vegas and just bo... (Below threshold)

i live in vegas and just booked my visit. I'll let you know how it goes. Apparently you can use live ammo for an extra 10k.

This is just one more thing... (Below threshold)

This is just one more thing that turns people into total losers and shows that people will do anything for the love of money. How much more evil will people get?

Run Bambi Run... (Below threshold)

Run Bambi Run

just saw on cnn that it was... (Below threshold)

just saw on cnn that it was all staged and it looks like some people are in for some fines!! haha it did sound like fun though......but I think I'd rather toss paint filled sponges or something......no need to scar and bruise bambi.






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