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Sliced-Cheese Inventor Dies

Small children (and the young at heart) all over the world should observe a moment of silence...

Sliced-cheese inventor dies at 78

The creator of the next-best thing since sliced bread, a hero to anyone who ever wanted a quick grilled-cheese sandwich, has died.

Arnold N. Nawrocki, 78, who made eating processed cheese more convenient for billions of consumers by developing individually wrapped slices, died June 30 in Sun City, Ariz.


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Comments (2)

That's sad. Sooo, do ya th... (Below threshold)

That's sad. Sooo, do ya think they'll bury him all in one piece, or in individually sliced and wrapped pieces? rotflmao (Bent-headed lil bee-outch, ain't I?) Still rotflmao....

Props to you, that was funn... (Below threshold)

Props to you, that was funny!






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