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Trade These Clowns

James draws the lines between two asshat's who make a mockery of religion. Both of the following gentlemen communicate with a different sort of God than the rest of us:

Pat Robertson - Can't the conservative team trade this clown to the Brights for a couple prospects and a player to be named later?
Deion Sanders - Who dissed Marty Schottenheimer and was out of football within a year. I hear the Southern Baptists are going cut him in a salary cap move soon...

Sorry Brights, since you're the new team in town we're going to 'school' you in a few trades of our overpriced veterans... Can you tell I'm getting worked up for football season?

By the way, Jesus has spoken to me about my property tax assessment. He says I got screwed. I agree...

Update: Jesus Deion prevails in court, as noted at OTB. Try this technique the next time you go out to eat: Casually mention a $25 cap on the bill, order the Filet Mignon and a bottle of wine, then leave $25. Chances are you'll spend the night in jail, unless you're Deion.


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Comments (4)

Your average Christian hate... (Below threshold)

Your average Christian hates it when Christians in the public eye pull stunts like this. It just adds fuel to the flames of folks like the Brights™.

I wish they would just go away. Live private lives, with their mouths shut firmly.

"Christian hates"? Now, ho... (Below threshold)

"Christian hates"? Now, how Christian is that?

I know better than to get myself started on the subject of organized religion and such. My Uncle "Bible Thumper" Jim took care of that for me years ago. He got himself completely immersed in a church in Bridgeton, NJ. The Berachah Bible Baptist Church in Bridgeton. Run by the "wonderful" Reverand Janney and his wife. They had AT LEAST 20 foster kids to show what great Christians they were. My Uncle fell for it. He made his kids go to the church and school, made his wife go there and every spare dime they ever had went to that dumb church and worse Reverand. Jim used to preach to the rest of the family how we were all going to hell because we didn't follow his "shining example" of how to be Christian. Well, his exalted Reverand Janney was shortly thereafter busted for sexually molesting ALL THE KIDS that were being fostered. Some kinda guy, wasn't he? And, Uncle Jim not only supported this asshole, he put us down, for not. Dork. He never did have much to say to us about "religion" and that asshole Janney after that... A few years later, I went to see my friends new house he was renting. When I walked in his door, my back muscles got tighter than hell and I noticed something. Every single window had an alarm thing imbedded in it and the security on that place was second only to Ft. Knox. I asked my friend about it. "What's the owner afraid of? Lots of burglaries around here?"
He told me that it wasn't the owners doing, it was the previous tennants. And, it was to keep people IN not out. "Who the hell lived here, Dude?" Some preacher whose name he couldn't remember...."Janney?" That was it, yeah him. I had to get outta that house. I told my friend the whole story and never did go inside that house again. When I went over there (2 or 3 more times-ever) I stayed outside. Next to the pool one of those poor kids had drowned in. Ugh. Thank God he moved.

Stevie, I'm sad to hear you... (Below threshold)

Stevie, I'm sad to hear your uncle's story. It's true that there are shysters in organized religion, just as there are in all walks of life. I'm not excusing what that particular "reverend" did - it was terrible - but please don't lump all Christians with that guy. The vast majority of folks who claim to be Christians are good people. We're not perfect by any stretch, so try to cut us a little slack.

As for my "Christian hates" thing - yes, I hate. I hate it when other Christian do idiotic things to set other Christians (yes, me) up for ridicule.

Steve, I doubt you e... (Below threshold)
After thought:

I doubt you ever read this board anymore but if you do, please email me concerning your Janney posting and your "uncle Jim".

If at all possible I would like to get in contact with some of the former members of the Beracha Bible Baptist Church, I spent most of my youth there, yet have not seen anyone in over 26years.






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