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"You're The First"

Not exactly earth shattering news here.

Fake lie-detector reveals women's sex lies

Women change their answers depending on whether or not they believe they will be caught out not telling the truth, the researchers found. The number of sexual partners a woman reported nearly doubled when women thought they were hooked up to a lie detector machine.
Update: What is "caught out" supposed to mean? Their wording makes no sense to me, while "caught" on the other hand works just fine. Maybe New Scientist needs a copy editor.


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Comments (7)

Does this prove that women ... (Below threshold)

Does this prove that women are more sneaky than men?

What's the rule with women?... (Below threshold)

What's the rule with women? Take the number of men they say they've slept with and add 7 right?

It's the old double standar... (Below threshold)

It's the old double standard still in place. Men who are promiscuous are studly. Women who are promiscuous are slutty.


Personally, I think everyone sleeps around way too much.

Perhaps "caught out" was or... (Below threshold)

Perhaps "caught out" was originally "found out", but a poor editing job was done???

Kevin, you just made my day... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you just made my day.

I posted on this for my Why Men Suck Week.


I can't wait to point this out. Did you notice the study actually had women reporting 4.4 partners to men's 4.0?

(Mandar laugh)

Tony-Yes, unfortunately....... (Below threshold)

Tony-Yes, unfortunately....you should see my comment about Acidman's "The Contract" post.

Jaboobie-Try MULTIPLYING by 7 and ya might get close.

And Yeti-Men don't suck. Not as a group, a sex or a generalization. SOME men suck-just like some women do. Just because there are asswit individuals, doesn't make it right to paint everyone with the same brushstroke, ya know? Now, if you were writing about "Why these men I'm writing about suck", that would be entirely different. Again, see the comment I mentioned...


Okay, Yeti. I checked out ... (Below threshold)

Okay, Yeti. I checked out your site and I believe I get it now. I am sorrier than all hell I missed the "Women Suck" week. I'd have been there every day for that. (When I first commented to you, I wasn't sure which you were-guy or chick-no reflection on you, ya understand. I'd just not heard of you before. To keep you from having to wonder-I'm a female...)and a goofy one at that. I am a total Man-fan. I love men. If I could somehow level the playing field for men by taking women down to where they belong, I'd do it in a skinny minute. In any given situation, unless it's obviously the guys fault-like a woman bleeding and a guy holding his hurt fist-I am on the guys side of things. I have more male friends than female. I trust guys more. I like men more. The way women act most of the time, I think I'd rather be a guy than be guilty by association. Ya know? Geez, women suck. ;-)!






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