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Am I Too Late To Play?

I wasn't paying attention to the win a blogroll link contest that Frank was having so I'm not entered. He has directed the contestants to blogroll or link InstaPundit as "liberal assclown" to test the gaming potential of Google. I deceided to have a little look around at the results so far.

Uh, Houston, we've got a problem! View the Google search results for the "liberal assclown" quote he wants everyone to have. I think the reason behind the assignment is pretty clear...

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Heheh, fun. That's an entir... (Below threshold)

Heheh, fun. That's an entirely new game now...

Score one for Frank, I do b... (Below threshold)

Score one for Frank, I do believe ::)

Beautiful!You're m... (Below threshold)


You're my Blog of the Day!

I see a future of never bei... (Below threshold)

I see a future of never being linked by Glenn again for Frank....

Score one for Frank? I thi... (Below threshold)

Score one for Frank? I think not. This round goes to Glenn. Meryl got it right. Glenn proved he had a sense of humor, dry though it may be...

I'll be over here riding the Instalanche...






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