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Lies, Dam Lies, And Statistics

I was going to chime in on these topics yesterday, but I'm easily distracted and forgot.

As someone who has recently moved domains, I know from first hand experience that Blogstreet is about as user unfriendly as can be. While they run an excellent service for RSS feeds, just try to adding a new blog. Argh!

Both Blogstreet and Myelin are biased towards blogs that have been stable for a long time. The Myelin crawls appear to be very old. If you want to see this in action just check each site for Wizbang.

Blogstreet For Wizbang
Ecosystem For Wizbang
Myelin (Not up to date - no references)

I've been at this domain address since the last week of June. Notice that only the Ecosystem seems to be close to correct. You will find similar discrepancies for other sites. This seriously diminishes their value to a new Blogger user, for example. The Ecosystem and Technorati are as close as we can get today to accurate and timely. I think that explains their popularity. Regardless of the number of sites crawled by the other two, if they are not informative and easy to use, what purpose do they serve?

Site Meter traffic rankings: While Dean makes good points, Iím inclined to side with the use of the Site Meter rankings. Itís not that hard to put the Site Meter counter on your individual archive, category, and archive templates. Their stats, while not perfect, do at least seem to be consistent from site to site, even if they systematically under report a bit. I use the cPanelX to verify stats, and when configured properly Site Meter works fine.

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I actually e-mailed back an... (Below threshold)

I actually e-mailed back and forth with Phil of Myelin last weekend. He's in the process of a major upgrade but it's apparently a very cumbersome process--and very slow.

I noticed he had a beta ver... (Below threshold)

I noticed he had a beta version of it up, but the crawls behind it aren't complete yet. It looks good though. That's always been my problem with Myelin - a friendly interface to the dataset.






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