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Autism Link Of The Day

Over The Edge reminds us that the 60 Minutes II story was aired again Wednesday night. I saw this last fall, and was amazed.

Tito Mukhopadhyay is challenging every assumption about autism. Tito is doing what doctors and researchers once thought impossible: He has learned to write eloquently and independently about what it's like to be trapped in an autistic body.

Credit for his development is due to the unusual methods of teaching employed by his mother, Soma. Read the whole story, it's amazing.

I'd be curious to hear in the comments how this story plays in the larger community of families with autistic children, since her methods differ from the ones commonly in use now. Her methods are being tested now by others to see if the remarkable progress made by Tito is repeatable. Early signs are encouraging.

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What this segment of "60 Mi... (Below threshold)

What this segment of "60 Minutes II" offers to parents of autistic children is HOPE - that's a lot better than being told by doctors that there is nothing they can do for their children, or worse yet, having them labeled as mentally retarded because they can't communicate with us.






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