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Glenn May Be On To Something Here...

InstaPundit did a little Google searching himself... Curiously odd results..

Update: Hint... hint... InstaPundit blogroll hint... hint...


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Comments (7)

Nice!!! Now if only you cou... (Below threshold)

Nice!!! Now if only you could really make it happen.

You have chosen your side.<... (Below threshold)

You have chosen your side.

You will regret this always.

Frnak?... (Below threshold)


Frnak, the Evil Overlord of... (Below threshold)

Frnak, the Evil Overlord of Planet Iamo! You're in trouble now, Kvein!

Kevin, a name got messed up... (Below threshold)

Kevin, a name got messed up and it wasn't your fault. You've got some illness that spreads via weblog. Someone call the CDC and WHO! It's time to quarantine Wizbang.

Looks like a war is brewing... (Below threshold)

Looks like a war is brewing. And it will not be televised, just blogged!

It seems that the Frnak mem... (Below threshold)

It seems that the Frnak meme is spreading...






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