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Bambi Hunt Hoax, Proof?

I would bet that the last paragraph is a lie. The owners of the company now admit the video was staged. Like I said it's all about selling a cheesy soft core paintball porn video. The media fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

The company has a Las Vegas business license to sell a $20 video of hunters chasing nude women through the woods as a spoof on hunting videos that feature men hunting deer.

That video was staged, Real Men spokesman David Krekelberg said, but it gave rise to the idea of hosting hunts with paintball guns and charging men $10,000 for such weekend tours.

Krekelberg said the company has so far hosted 18 "Bambi" hunts in undisclosed locations around Las Vegas. In each, a hunter faces off with two women dressed in nothing but sneakers, each of whom receive $1,000 and can earn up to $2,500 if they make it through the hour without being struck by the paintball, he said.

Read the whole story: Las Vegas Groups Protest Naked 'Bambi' Hunts


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Thanks for the info, Kevin!... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the info, Kevin! I posted a link to this on my site...tried to track you back, but my ping timed out.

Both FOX and MSNBC aired st... (Below threshold)

Both FOX and MSNBC aired stories on the "hunt." I wouldn't be surprised though, with all the publicity, if the hoax turns into a real enterprise. There are enough whackos out there who might just shell out the bucks (pun intended).






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