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Has Your Host Patched?

Weekend web surfing may be sporadically affected as ISP's and hosting companies scramble to patch ALL Cisco routers on the Internet.

Most providers were doing upgrades overnight this weekend to address a major Cisco IOS vulnerability that now has an exploit available. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to shut down the router interface cold, thereby stopping all traffic on the router. This was a mile wide hole in the Internet that has every Internet company scrambling to patch.

You should have received a notice from your web host about their plans to address this issue, if not contact them immediately to find out when their network will be protected.

Details on the vulnerability and exploit are available at this CERT Advisory

Hat tip: Social Reject (for reminding me that I forgot to publicize this on Friday)


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Comments (7)

Thanks again for the info, ... (Below threshold)

Thanks again for the info, Kevin. Now that I know what's going on, it will make me marginally less cranky.

Thanks for the linkage, too.

If you are having trouble w... (Below threshold)

If you are having trouble with Crisco, butter or margarine makes an suitable substitute....;)
Of course, if you are deep-frying, use oil.

My internet access hasn't b... (Below threshold)

My internet access hasn't been so much sporadically affected as sporadically available. Blah.

Fortunately, my hosting provider seems to have a few more clues than my ISP.

Rats!... (Below threshold)


Rats no more! I've ... (Below threshold)

Rats no more! I've updated the template and filters to allow more HTML tags... Go wild...

Oh, I see the error now - Y... (Below threshold)

Oh, I see the error now - You pulled a Frnak.

It was still there from las... (Below threshold)

It was still there from last time and I didn't notice :/






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