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The Grass Isn't Going To Cut Itself, Or Is It?

Fresh off a victory over the scourge of weeds and two week old grass, the title to this post came to me in a day dream. Every day I let the grass get a little longer I would imagine my wife saying, "The grass isn't going to cut itself". Of course she would never say this because:

A) She doesn't care about the grass like I do, and
B) She knows how compulsive I am about keeping a nice lawn.

So I wondered, short of a lawn mowing service, was there a way for my grass to cut itself? Apparently the answer to that question is yes.

A quick read of the fine print assures me that I would never be able to live with this little robot. If you've got an appropriately sized and shaped lawn, it's an (expensive) option for you. When I finally do get around to putting a tip jar and wish list up, maybe I'll add this, but probably not...

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Sheep are cheaper.... (Below threshold)

Sheep are cheaper.

They also taste better.

The company that makes thes... (Below threshold)

The company that makes these little things (or one like it) is in Irving, TX. I can remember driving to work that way when I worked over there and there were always 2-3 little robots cutting some part of the grass. It was the coolest thing. They've got some other "helper" bots, but the mower is the best. If only it would edge!

That's my problem with it t... (Below threshold)

That's my problem with it too. Also it doesn't do slopes over some angle I can't quite recall...

they need to combine the ro... (Below threshold)

they need to combine the roomba with the robomower a robot that can vacume floors and chop grass






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