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Great Moments In Product Packaging

I am a Diet Vanilla Coke drinker, I used to be a Diet Coke drinker, but now I prefer the Vanilla variety. I've always been a fan of Coca Cola products and I've never much cared for Diet Pepsi. Coca Cola brand products, at least based on an informal survey in Northern Virginia, seem to have made a breakthrough in cola refrigerator storage technology. I present the new twelve-pack design for all Coca Cola products:

This does not qualify as an earth shattering innovation. Even so, I'll bet you are thinking that the packaging looks like it would fit easily in the refrigerator. That's exactly what it is designed for. Instead of a 4x3 design the packaging now uses a 6x2 design that fits easily into refrigerator shelves. The front opens dispenser like to provide access to the cans.

It probably only cost a few million bucks to develop. Genius...


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Comments (11)

We've had this wonderful in... (Below threshold)

We've had this wonderful innovation for some time. Coke actually unveiled this packaging 8/2001, has just taken some time to trickle down.

Thanks for the link. I doub... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link. I doubted that this was the first spot to get it...

It's the exact perfect size... (Below threshold)

It's the exact perfect size to fit in my fridge. You can even get 2 and stack 'em! Kudos to Coke!

I wonder if Coca Cola is re... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Coca Cola is releasing this marvel into different test markets. I'm in Atlanta, Coca Cola headquarters, and we have had this package design for a very long time now. It definitely is a smart idea. Now, let's see if the genius that dreamed it up get any recognition from Coke!

Yeah, I'm in Atlanta, too, ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm in Atlanta, too, and we've had these for several years now. I have to admit that at first I didn't like the new design. If you aren't careful when you open the fridge-pack, Diet Cokes will cascade out of the package and onto the floor, usually plunking painfully on the top of the foot! Now that I'm careful when I open the darn things, I like 'em.

Is this just a blonde thing?

I moved from Pensacola, FL ... (Below threshold)

I moved from Pensacola, FL to Fresno, CA last October...P'cola didn't have it yet, but Fresno did when I got here. This is one of the best ideas they've had in a long time, besides the vanilla version itself. Although vanilla coke does make me miss Waffle House something awful...

Deb, are you sure you didn'... (Below threshold)

Deb, are you sure you didn't mean the Awefull House something waffle? Fruedian slip? :-)

Hash browns smattered, smothered, and covered anyone?

Heh. I have a love affair ... (Below threshold)

Heh. I have a love affair with cheap greasy food. And a nasty case of nostalgia.

I just hate it when that happens. *grin*

It's a very good product, a... (Below threshold)

It's a very good product, although I'm more a Diet Cherry Coke man myself.

I first noticed the new pac... (Below threshold)

I first noticed the new packaging when I was in Georgia for a training thing. I loved it! And I found it at my Food Lion just this weekend.

Funny that James says he's more the Cherry Coke kind of guy, he's the one that introduced Vanilla Diet Coke to me and I'm addicted!

I live in the Atlanta area ... (Below threshold)
Tom Royce:

I live in the Atlanta area and we have had the new 12 packs for about 1/2 a year now. Coke has done it right. We now never buy pepsi products because they do not fit in the fridge. We don't buy cheaper cases, because (you guessed it) they don't fit in the fridge.

The marketing folks got one right and coke will experience some significant market share growth because of the new cases. They made the case that makes all others inconvienant.







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