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Wizbang PermaRoll Contest

Changes to the blogroll layout here at Wizbang have given me an opportunity to counter Frank J's contest where contestants have to jump through hoops, roll around in monkey crap, howl at the moon, and run naked through the streets like Will Ferrell in "Old School" to get a permalink. Since my permalinks are easier to aquire than his, up until now I didn't have much to offer in the way of a contest.

I created the PermaRoll for my own use. It's a listing of the sites I visit every time I go blog reading. A spot in this list is what I'm offering as a prize.

Update: The rules have changed, see this post for the new format. It's easy and fair.


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Comments (2)

But what if I want you to p... (Below threshold)

But what if I want you to permaroll me on merit??? (I'm pulling a Tiger on you....;p)

Heh... Got the reference..... (Below threshold)

Heh... Got the reference... Maybe I'll take an essay for extra credit :-)






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