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Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 3

The Bonfire of the Vanities returns with 17 fresh entries! None of the fine bloggers here were short of good bad material (save for one newbie). This weeks entries speak for themselves; poorly...

Bonfire of the Vanities

Items to throw onto the Bonfire:

  • Deb (The Accidental Jedi) offers proof that one should never blog while under the influence of insomnia, lest one winds up blogging about insomnia. All I can say is it put me to sleep reading it…
  • Sean's (aka Seth) little bit of blegging amounted to zilch, zip, nada. No response at all. People mustn't think of him as "innovative." Either that or people must not think of him period. The Bonfire mock's that which we don't understand, and that application was worthy of mockery.
  • Craig wants to let us know, "Hey, I'm getting central air. Am I cool or what?" He was hoping to get people asking for the specs of the unit in tonnage and BTU's, and the dimensions, and what kind of warranty, and whether he had got a good deal or not, but no one bit. Why? Because everyone else has AC already. Craig, please keep us informed when the indoor plumbing arrives.
  • Spencer is a young fresh blogger. In this post he correctly chastises the silliness of the state government of California, but then offers the whole state to France. Clearly he has this bassackwards. California should be annexing France, or better yet Mexico. By the way his age was showing when he noted that Republicans were in the minority for 8 years under Clinton (which they actually were not since they picked up the House in 1994); try 42 years (1952-1994 where Democrats controlled the House of Representatives). Spencer you'll need to try a little harder to suck, there's far too many well reason posts at your site. Get with the program!
  • Tiger is trolling for links from baby murders. Who wouldn't want to be at the top of Susan Smith's blogroll?
  • Jeff McCune fell for the stupid Metallica lawsuit hoax. His retraction entry is here. Jeff, hating Metallica means never having to say you're sorry.
  • Claire tries to make some sense of the Bambi Hunting Episode. I left more confused than I arrived.
  • Margi Lowry sent Toe Porn to Acidman, then made the Toe Porn available to all. It was the pinnacle of link whoredom. Shamefuly good. Also note that she includes a full size version of the Toe Porn in question, which means she's been paying attention to past complaints for other Bonfire entries not having gratuitous porn shots.
  • Susie (aka Suzie) writes a post about writing a sucky post then losing it. Not content to throw entries from one blog onto the Bonfire, Susie created a TypePad beta blog to ensure that she had enough poor content to provide this stinker. I'm fairly certain that is a backup copy of the post she lost…
  • For some reason Norbizness thought that it would be funny to go off on Wim Duisenberg, the EU finance minister, for no other reason that he's the most freakishly hideous, haunting person he had seen since Goldie Hawn got her 14th lip collagen injection. You'll get no argument from me there, but how dare you pick on a dignified member of the European Union government (or whatever they're calling themselves these days). For shame…
  • It's never a good sign when the commenters recommend your post for inclusion in the Bonfire of the Vanities. Dave Tepper wins the coveted drug induced stupor award this week. I'm sure it makes perfectly good sense to readers on hallucinogenic drugs. When someone decodes this post, please tell me what it means…
  • Piertro bemoans the weak point of German efficiency: the flush toilet. I hear it's due to new EU regulations.
  • Adam goes for the bad bloging trifecta, people seeing things (spiritual - like angels or the Virgin Mary) in pictures, fond memories of deceased children, and talking house pets. Two out of three ain't bad though.
  • Harvey Olson spend a lot of time setting up a punchline that falls flat. Better luck next time...
  • Jay shows his lack of comprehension of the MAJOR topic of the blogosphere (BlogWar I). He makes up for it by attacking a real liberal assclown. Since this kind of vitriol is so out of character it certainly deserves a spot in the Bonfire.
  • As for me, that's easy. Easy, this lame story about Ricci Martin and Gary Lewis will perform together (Yawn). Now if they had a Rat Pack children performance, that would be interesting…

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Comments (4)

My God, the link's bad! I a... (Below threshold)

My God, the link's bad! I am so embarrassed!

I'm going to shamelessly br... (Below threshold)

I'm going to shamelessly brag that I suggested that Tepper's post was perfect for the BOTV. It makes no sense whatsoever. Cool.

Hey now. We've had indoor ... (Below threshold)

Hey now. We've had indoor plumbing in most places since the early '90's.

That was just cheap, man.


Cheap, but funny!!! :-)</p... (Below threshold)

Cheap, but funny!!! :-)

I'll always go for the easy laugh, especially when it involves toilet humor...






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