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The Frnak Meme

BlogWars Briefing:

Frank as decided it is wise to keep tabs on the enemy. It's an honor... He then bashes entrants in his link competition. Perhaps he's about to bring out the blogger blender and use it on contestants? Seriously folks it's all for fun the children. Best to count how many links have been thrown in your direction before protesting to loudly.

Classical Values issues a Stop The Madness plea. I didn't see any peace talks proposal though, so my negotiations envoy will remain at home.

Ambient Irony carries the torch for the Frnak meme

Susie taunts both sides. She's walking in a mine field there...

Update: The PermaRoll contest format has changed (for the final time). See this post for the new contest format. It's easy and fair.


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But the war is spreading as... (Below threshold)

But the war is spreading as even more bloggers take sides. Howard Dean has linked to Instapundit, and blatantly did not link to Frank. I can't wait to see what happens when Frank finds out.

Someone has to put a stop to this, or laughter will spread uncontrollably throughout the blogosphere.






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