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A Healthy Dose Of Skepticism

Where are blogs lining up on this breaking story?

Lesson: You can only get burned so many times before you buy early reports at face value.

Stay on top of the story at The Command Post.

Update: Rueters is reporting that the U.S. military said on Tuesday it had confirmed that the two sons of Saddam Hussein, Qusay and Uday, had been killed in a fierce gun-battle in northern Iraq.


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Comments (3)

Well then, I'll pimp myself... (Below threshold)

Well then, I'll pimp myself, dammit (click on my name for the link, I won't repost that long string of blogspot nonsense here). My post is not whether they're dead, but the categorical imperative to post about whether they are dead. A true "meta" moment.

What a way to spend my vaca... (Below threshold)

What a way to spend my vacation. Wolf Blitzer is starting to sound like Frank J.'s Fox News Reporter ("Why not just use a cruise missile?").

OT - I tried to get to IMAO, but I get that annoying cannot connect to server message. Is that you?

They really are dead. I wa... (Below threshold)

They really are dead. I was posting to Misha's story when LT Gen Sanchez made the announcement.

3 Aces down, 1 to go.






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