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Another (In)Famous Female Prisoner Looking For Love

Prosecutors say Jeen ("Jeena")Young Han recruited two teenage boys in November 1996 to kill her sister, Sunny, so that she could take Sunny's identity and bury her own checkered past.

On November 20, 1997, after two days of deliberation, a Santa Ana, California jury found defendants Jeena Han, John Sayarath and Archie Bryant guilty of conspiracy to kill Han's twin sister Sunny. On May 8, 1998, Jeena Han was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison.

From CourtTV

Here's a quote from her brand new personal ad:
Hi!! I am very interested in a single, sweet, honest, caring, loyal, and kind hearted man out there. I am positive, very loyal, devoted, open minded and honest with a very sweet personality. I have a great smile and I hope that my smile could brighten up your day. I speak three different languages and I am also musically inclined.

See the full Women Behind Bars ad.

I recognized her from the CourtTV coverage of her trial. In her ad she forgets to mention plotting to kill her twin sister. Must have been an oversight.

For those considering correspondence; only 14 years until you get to be together!

Comments (11)

"Loyal...devoted..." Nope, ... (Below threshold)

"Loyal...devoted..." Nope, sorry, I can't see those words in connection with someone who plotted to kill her sister. On the other hand, that part about being "open minded" seems, well, rather understated, no?

"A great smile..."

On which face?

Kevin, You said only... (Below threshold)

You said only 14 years until you get to be together! A Coworker of mine is writing to this "Jailbabe" and she told him she'll be out in 6, if her appeal goes well. I knew there was something strange about that photo he had posted up in the office. (she sent him that very same one!) I recognized her from that Court TV segment and was looking to obtain a copy of it to show him cause he thinks she's "Reformed". Would you know how many ads she's posted? I'd like to show him what she's really all about before he makes some big dumb mistake he'll regret for the rest of his life. if you have any other info. please feel free to send it to me so I can pass it off to him to try and get him to "Wake Up"


What about giving her a bre... (Below threshold)
ewoud dimonse:

What about giving her a break.
A second life. For what she did in the past she is paying for now ... in jail.
It's not up to us to say "she's reformed" or
"she's not reformed". Only God knows.
All of us are stupid compared to Him. We shouldn't judge other while our own hands are dirty. Leave it be. And leave the girl alone.

BTW Eventhough she is in jail she still have the right to post ads, if she want she has the right to do that 24hrs a day.

Wait a minute ewould dimons... (Below threshold)
Officer Frankie Perez:

Wait a minute ewould dimonse, let me take a small guess here.....You're that guy who's writing to her that we were told of in that guy Luis's letter previous to yours right?

I feel anyone deserves a ... (Below threshold)
A surprised guy:

I feel anyone deserves a second chance, even Jeena Han. I however was surprised to hear there are others writing to her... besides a buddy of mine. The poor guy is smitten by her and thinks she is serious about him. Well to hear there are other guys in love with her she seems like a real scammer to me. Thanks for the tips guys.

hi my name is greg i have b... (Below threshold)

hi my name is greg i have been writing to jeena for a few years ,i would like to speak with anyone else that writes/talkes to her to compare notes on what she says her feelings for me are,please e mail me at sedlaceka at aol~greg

just want to know how does... (Below threshold)
frank H.:

just want to know how does someone write to jeena any how? i have looked over the internet for information,but i just can't find how it is all done. if someone would let me know, i would love to hear from you.
thanks and hope it's soon.
[email protected]

What I can't understand is ... (Below threshold)
Joseph S. Sanchez:

What I can't understand is why anyone would want to write her in the first place. There are many single & unincarcerated women on the outside. Why risk waisting 14 years of your life away waiting for someone who may never have been upfront in the first place?

Seems like she may have not learned her lesson yet if she is indeed scamming now from the inside. What she has learned is a "New Skill".....one of scamming

I would want to know where ... (Below threshold)
Michael Oh:

I would want to know where Jenna Han is now. I want to write her if possible. I saw her in my dreams.

Well, I was a little supriz... (Below threshold)
G. Rodriguez:

Well, I was a little suprized to have come across this site today, I've been writing & Calling Jeena Han since 1997 and she's never given me any indication she was writing to so many people. I've even asked her over the phone if there was anyone else in her life and she tolld me there was no one but me. This has certainly been a real eye opener. Hard to believe a woman with such a sweet voice could do that.

I guess she and I have a little more to discuss now to see where we're going to go with this. Thanks for the information guys.

G. Rodriguez

YOU GUYS NEED SOME SERIOUS ... (Below threshold)









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