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How To Tell You're About To Get Screwed

Driving home I heard an ad from Verizon talking about how wonderful the pay and benefits are at Verizon. They call out the average annual salary and benefits as $75,000 dollars. They note that they are diligently negotiating a new contract with the Communication Workers of America union. Sounds like the CWA is about to get screwed...

This is clearly an attempt to portray the CWA and their membership as overpaid already, so when the news comes out that Verizon is demanding pay and/or benefits cuts they will not have our sympathies. This ad was the first I've heard of this little labor dispute, but my guess is that when your company spends that kind of money on a media blitz a strike is in your future.

Update: The Boston Herald has an article about the ads from both sides.

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Very nice... Makes me trus... (Below threshold)

Very nice... Makes me trust 'em both.

Oh yes, most likely there i... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, most likely there is going to be a strike. My next door neighbor works for Verizon and he has known (more or less) they would be going out for MONTHS.He and his wife have been planning ahead since the first of the year. He sees no light at the end of the tunnel and feels very strongly that August 1 will bring a strike........

Oh yeah - there will be a s... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah - there will be a strike... my friend's hubby also works for Verizon.. he'll be marching away very soon. They have known about the upcoming strike for a long time and have also been preparing and planning..

I agree with the above. My ... (Below threshold)

I agree with the above. My best friend works for Verizon and she has known since last summer that they are going to strike August 2nd @ midnight. They recently did a survey in the union, 92% were in favor of the strike. She said her bosses are taking courses on climbing poles & billboards. Its happening.

One of my friends 65 year o... (Below threshold)

One of my friends 65 year old mother is in training this week to fly up to the NE to be a scab. Her daughter is in management at Verizon and is hiring scabs like crazy here in Dallas.

They are striking for sure.

This is what you call, repu... (Below threshold)

This is what you call, reputation management. They are embarking on a print and broadcast ad campaign to look nice for the public when it comes strike time. They want to come out sqeauky clean, but they won't.

I haven't heard the pro-Ver... (Below threshold)

I haven't heard the pro-Verizon ad, only the pro-CWA one.

Get whatever phone stuff you want/need done, done now. I spent several weeks fighting with Verizon scabs a few years ago when they had that strike soon after the takeover. Not fun.

In my 33 years with New Eng... (Below threshold)

In my 33 years with New England Telephone, NYNEX, Bell Atlantic, and the the latest, greatest checkmark in the world, I've never seen a more conseated, thoughtless negotiation by any corporate labor relations team. I guess that's why they want us to buy company stock, and savings bonds. They are truly proving that their goal is to spend $10 million dollars, to cut $10,000 dollars from their expenses. The last time we were out they handed us 4 month old HMO sign up packages with all the figures printed in them. Their out to screw their dedicated employees and the American public, and have all ready started to prove it. Good going Ivan, your headed for another bonus....

We all knew this was coming... (Below threshold)
Verizon worker:

We all knew this was coming..lets just hope we don't strike for nothing..there are many people just waiting to take our jobs for less money..






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