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Looking For A Better IE?

Many bloggers have tried and discarded other IE skins and tabbed browser programs like Avant Browser. MyIE2 may be the program you are looking for. It has some cool features like timed refresh of tabbed pages and saving pages as a group. You can build a browser based equivalent of the SharpReader RSS news agregator with this program. Based on my limitted testing it also works with the Google Toolbar Beta. It's worth an extended look. Get the version with the plugins as there are some nifty options included.

Hat Tip: Chris Prillo

Comments (3)

I'm giving it a run-through... (Below threshold)

I'm giving it a run-through right now. Thanks for the tip.

Kevin, have you taken a loo... (Below threshold)

Kevin, have you taken a look at Mozilla lately? (I sound like a commercial, heh?) Here are '101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot'.

I know there are things in ... (Below threshold)

I know there are things in Mozzila that are cool, but a majority of users are using IE. I would be interested to see a review of MyIE2 vs. Mozilla though...






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