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Blogathon News And Notes

A new anonymous sponsor signed up today. Thanks! The updated total as sponsor list is on the left sidebar. I would really like to get over $1000 pledged, so spread the word and give until it hurts!

For sponsors looking for tech support blogging, feel free to send your questions and request now. That will give me a little extra time to prepare answers. One of the bonuses of sponsorship is free tech support. See this post for details. Non sponsors looking for tech support the first post of the day will be the spot to post your support requests or questions in the comment section. For those looking for instant contact on the day of the Blogathon - I will announce my AIM screen name in that post as well. The Blogathon kicks off Saturday July 26, at 9:00am EST.

Note: This kind of cheerleading is extremely gratifying.

Comments (2)

Um, so a whole new Blog des... (Below threshold)

Um, so a whole new Blog design is out of the question? Heh.

Aw shucks, Kevin. Worthy cause, great blogger! :o)

My design skills leave much... (Below threshold)

My design skills leave much to be desired. I would wish them on anyone. The tweaks and code - that's my specialty.






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