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PermaRoll Contest - Update

In order to make this contest as fair and impartial as possible I am going to combine the two previous approaches into one easy to participate in approach. There will be no essay writing where you profess you love for me (or the Blogfather), not that there's anything wrong with that. You do not have to send me pictures of your breasts (female or male), not that there's anything wrong with that either. The only contest requirement is that you link to Wizbang. End of story.

The PermaRoll spot will go weekly to the site that has the most combined Ecosystem and Technorati links to Wizbang. This weeks winner will be posted on Friday, just in time for the traffic from the Blogathon. Take a look at the PermaRoll list, pretty impressive company, isn't it? Your blog can be in that list.

Contest is open to every blog in the universe (at least those that are spidered by NZ Bear and Technorati). Each Friday the link will change to reflect the current leader.

I cannot make it any simpler or more impartial. Blogroll links, links to stories, trackbacks, etc. are all noticed by these two indexing services. Regardless of the readership, traffic, or age of your blog you are competing on a level playing field with other bloggers.

Update: The Ecosystem is not updating due to issues with Hosting Matters. It should be back up to speed by Friday. Links made now will get counted, it will just take a few days.


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Comments (2)

By virtue of my Carnival en... (Below threshold)

By virtue of my Carnival entry (which contains about 70 links) I should be on there.

Well since you caught me in... (Below threshold)

Well since you caught me in the typo you can have the spot until Friday. I guess I forgot to add the piece about the links being to Wizbang :-). Fixed now...






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