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Blogathon News

Last minute plea's:

Parents Of Autistic Children - Want to guest blog? Any material you can contribute I would love to highlight in a post. E-Mail me with your contributions as soon as possible. Anything on the topic of Autism is welcome. Tell the world about your daily life, why it is so important to fund research and special programs, etc.

Participation - Since we'll be doing some tech support blogging here tomorrow; any blog or non-blog related topics you want covered, get them to me via e-mail or comments to this post.

Gratuitous Linkage - Site that I've linked to, I need your readership to visit and pledge! Thanks to those of you who have already referred people here.

Goal - Time is running out to pass the $1000 mark. Pledge early, pledge often!

Surprises - Stop by tomorrow, I'll be sure to have something up my sleeve.

Notes - I'll be on AIM with the screen name WizbangBlog beginning at some point in the morning. I will be active in the comment section as well.

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