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Eagle Scouts To The Rescue

When they start giving merit badges for anti-terrorism, this teen will be first on the list to receive one:

CHICAGO (AP) - Fifteen-year-old Josh Pfluger and his pals went into his garage and hammered out a shoe-scanning device with the goal of polishing off his Eagle Scout requirements.

Looks like the project passes muster. Pfluger's good deed is in daily use at the world's busiest airport, helping passengers at O'Hare International move through security checkpoints with a minimum of fuss.

It's real cool," the Rockford teen said Thursday as he prepared to fly to New York for a round of appearances on network television shows. "If other airports call me, I'm going to do it as a job."

The shoebox-like scanners fashioned by Pfluger and fellow members of Boy Scout Troop 37 don't mean the government has turned over airport security technology to the nation's youth.

Rather, the homemade devices in use at O'Hare, and similar ones elsewhere, are an optional, preliminary step to let passengers know whether their shoes will trigger alarms if they don't take them off and send them through the X-ray machines before walking through checkpoints. That, federal officials say, can speed up lines and maybe encourage people to leave footwear with metal eyelets behind on future trips.

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This kid may single-handedl... (Below threshold)

This kid may single-handedly restore the Boy Scouts PR!






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