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How Important Is InstaPundit?

Just wondering...

If Glenn stopped blogging would his 60K + visitors a day go to another blogger? Or would they be split up amongst other sites?

Who's the next InstaPundit? Leave your answers in the comment section...

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I think people will just sp... (Below threshold)

I think people will just split up their traffic into more specific blogs. I don't read Glenn very much because I read all the blogs he links to on a regular basis.

Glenn doesn't generate a lot of original content outside of his MSNBC column; he mostly just links to people and says, "Yeah, you're good" or "Woah, you suck."

Note that I don't mean to belittle Prof. Reynolds' accomplishments at all. He's a well-informed filter of the news, sort of like a Smarter, Faster Matt Drudge. And anyone who's new to the blogosphere should pay attention to Instapundit for cues as to how this whole shebang works.

Now, if I had to choose a blog to replace Glenn I'd probably vote for the Volokh Conspiracy. Some of their stuff is pure genius, and Eugene Volokh isn't Reynolds' official unofficial Supreme Court pick for nothing.

I agree--the traffic would ... (Below threshold)

I agree--the traffic would just scatter. I read Volokh regularly, but it's a bit too legalistic and technical for the average reader, I think. Indeed, I check InstaPundit occasionally but not as regularly as I did before I started blogging.

Hands down--I'd go to WizBa... (Below threshold)

Hands down--I'd go to WizBangBlog--course I already do!

I think it would scatter as... (Below threshold)

I think it would scatter as well. We all have our core rotation of news/link sources...most people don't use Glenn as their only source. Do they?

Glenn and NRO's Cornder are... (Below threshold)

Glenn and NRO's Cornder are pretty much my main news source. Every once in a while I'll head over to Foxnews.com especially if someone's linked to an article there. I rarely watch TV anymore and almost never the news. I read the paper every day but I pretty much skim the front section w/ national and world news, since I've pretty much known about everything it reports for a couple days.

I read Volokh regularly,... (Below threshold)

I read Volokh regularly, but it's a bit too legalistic and technical for the average reader, I think.

Yup yup, I'm just sayin' who my vote would be cast for. Although really, without Glenn the top of the blogosphere turns into a duel to the death between Andrew Sullivan and Josh Marshall.

Well I'll put in a vote for... (Below threshold)

Well I'll put in a vote for Outside The Beltway as a fine alternative. James has really found his groove (so to speak). It's InstaPundit-like but with a little more of the bloggers analysis. Not to take anything away from Glenn.

Funny you should mention th... (Below threshold)

Funny you should mention that... I noticed that the last two times Glenn's traveled my hits have gone up by 25%. So, yes, I think his traffic would scatter.

But, in all honesty, I like Glenn and like that his blog provides near one-stop shopping for catching up with the news and the A-list blogs.

Well, except mine. The weenie has still not blogrolled me.

Traffic would scatter for a... (Below threshold)

Traffic would scatter for a while, but they would collect to some weblogger. Since weblogs follow the power law, and Man seems to engage in a star system someone would replace Glenn.

That person would have to have a combination of wide interests, pithy comments, extreme insomnia, and the wisdom to link to others on stuff where s/he isn't sure about the subject. Unfortuneately, I probably wouldn't be the beneficiary of Glenn's absense. John Hawkins' Right Wing News is on a roll as of late, so he could capitalize on that momentum.

I forgot PrestoPundit. Greg... (Below threshold)

I forgot PrestoPundit. Greg Ransom is just so prolific and smart too.

I think Glenn departing wou... (Below threshold)

I think Glenn departing would be a great opening for Outside the Beltway to increase dramatically. It wouldn't all go there, but would diffuse. However, it's like the next best thing, only meatier.






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