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HTML Text Effects

In this post questions about posting text effects in comments were asked. Here's a listing of codes you may be able to use. Whether you can use them depends on if the blog owner allows these codes in their comments.

Italics: <i> and </i>OR <em > and </em>
Bold: <b> and </b> OR <strong > and </strong>
Underline: <u > and </u>
Strikeout: <strike > and </strike>
URL's: The same way you do in your blog. <a href="URL">Text</a>
Trademark: ™ (& + trade + ;) or ® (& + # + 174 + ;)
Quoted Text: <blockquote> and </blockquote>

See the full list here.

Thanks to Robyn for posting this earlier this week.

Comments (3)

Thanks, Kev and thanks to J... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kev and thanks to Jen for asking--I have been wondering about that (&+trade+;) for a
long time! (however, it doesn't seem to be working....)

My question is: How do I get my comments box to display the icons (and hence automatic html editing) for italics, url, etc?

I am trying to do some cool... (Below threshold)

I am trying to do some cool effects in a Strickly html only page. I need help....I am at my witts end....I am trying to make my links flame up when the cursor is over them. I also need to be able to change the color of the flame.
Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

how do i do zoom in , zoom ... (Below threshold)

how do i do zoom in , zoom out effects with the text or image disappearing after the zoom? please email the answer.






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