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Let's Make A Deal

If you get a tip, tool, or tweak you can use from me today, you pledge. OK? It's time to get that total rising again. Thanks to Kevin Holtsberry for pledging last night!

I'll answer as many questions as I can here today, and the pledging is optional, but I'm not above throwing a little guilt around... If I've ever helped you with your blog pledging would be a fine repayment... Whatever you can afford...

Sponsors get to priority in the Q&A. To that end, Kate, I'm still working on your request...

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Ok, I have to know! ... (Below threshold)

Ok, I have to know! Who pledged the 8 cents...?

Yay! Kevin! GOOOOOO, KEVI... (Below threshold)

Yay! Kevin! GOOOOOO, KEVIN!! (I hope you can imagine the pom pons. Heh.)

My tech questions are: How do you put your "show comments right here" in your posts? and How do you put the format text buttons in your comments?

I totally want those on my blog. There's absolutely no hurry on the answers -- I'm hoping this will help for the later hours when ideas are at a minimum.

I'm so in awe of you. Hang in there and I will be here for the duration. You RAWK!

You're a doll, Kevin. No hu... (Below threshold)

You're a doll, Kevin. No hurries.

Blog on, dude!






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