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More Cool MT Template Tricks

Jane asked about the Extended Entry trick. Right after the MTBodyEntry tag, add this:

Via Joni - the Category trick:

Use that where ever you want the name and link the the category.

Update: Fixed the formatting in the text box so the code shows as it should paste into your template...


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Comments (6)

I actually like the I, B, U... (Below threshold)

I actually like the I, B, URL javascript you have in the comments pop-up. It's handy for the non-tech savvy. Would add blockquote, too.

BTW, strikethrough works fine with just [s][/s]

Um, is that what makes your... (Below threshold)

Um, is that what makes your comments slide out right under you post? Cuz that's what I want (instead of opening the permalink entry). Is this making any sense?

Oh and thank you for the e-mail! You're a ROCK STAR!


No, that's something differ... (Below threshold)

No, that's something different. He gave the code for that a few posts down.

I had blockquote, but since... (Below threshold)

I had blockquote, but since I'm using blockquote to show outline the comments, blockquote within blockquote didn't look so hot. I think I told Joni about it for the next two skins. If I had a CSS class that did the outling (not blockquote) then I'd allow the blockquote.

I have a full cappucino and... (Below threshold)

I have a full cappucino and it's only 8 p.m. here so I have at least 4 more hours to bother my Blogathon friends by inundating their comment sections. So buck up, Buttercup. You've got hours of blogging ahead of you, and I have hours in which to drive you nuts while you do it.

What are friends for?

Meanwhile, here's a few ideas for you:

1. Tell folks how they can make email addys private in their comments so that the spambots don't harvest their addresses when they comment at various blogs.

2. I'd love if you'd share your trick on showing the comments inline, but I don't want to show them inline on my Main Index. Just on my Individual Entry Archives. Care to tell me how?

3. Finally - and this one is purely selfish... if I were to go into my archives on my server and delete every file in there, then rebuild the entire site, would it re-create everything? (There are a couple of very complicated reasons why I'm curious about this, but I don't want to waste your comment section explaining.)

Kate - 1) MT 2.64 ... (Below threshold)

Kate -

1) MT 2.64 is span protected already. Look at the source code of a comment page that has comments on oit. No e-mail address is in the code. No way for bots to harvest an e-mail address that isn't in the code. Not sure when this was changed...

2) - I put the comment code up - somewhere today... It works the same, though the individual archive template is all set to show the comment stuff in the template already. You'd have to do a serious purge of code.

3) Yes. Of course you would back up all the archive files first, but it does a full rewite of the files every time you rebuild. I saw it in action when I changed from .html to .php. It left the .html files alone and wrote all new php files.






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