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Outlook PST File Size Problems

Based on my first open Tech Topic, here is a good page to study intently if you're having problems with Outlook reaching the 2GB size limit on a PST file size. I would also mention to all outlook users that they should run SCANPST.EXE regularly. It's the Inbox repair too, (there's also a SCANOST.EXE for OST offline storage files).

SCANPST.EXE is installed by default to: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\SCANPST.EXE"

Update: My pal Joni has some advice as well. She's blogging in the Blogathon for Adopt-A-Cat of Houston. Make sure to visit her today.

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Thanks Kevin!... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kevin!

Is this just an Outlook pro... (Below threshold)

Is this just an Outlook problem or does it apply to Outlook Express as well? I have the former as part of my Office Suite, but decided I didn't like it as well as the stripped version.

Just Outlook. Outlook Expre... (Below threshold)

Just Outlook. Outlook Express has a compress function in Tools|Options|Maintenance. It doesn't address corruption though. I think there is a 3rd party repair tool. If I find the link I'll update the post...

Hi there,i have th... (Below threshold)

Hi there,

i have this problem with my .pst file.
i have mails missing from my pst file, the size compared with the pst stored in my C:\ with the one created in my outlook is larger, therefore the recent mails in my pst are missing.
Pls advice.

help me when past the repa... (Below threshold)
ronald cordero:

help me when past the repair tool pst the 2gb
display error an error has occurred which caused
the scan to be stopped .no changes have been made to the scanned file.


help me when past the repai... (Below threshold)

help me when past the repair tool pst the 2gb
display error an error has occurred which caused
the scan to be stopped .no changes have been made to the scanned file.
I have also run the pst2gb tool & reduced the pst size( approx size 1.6 GB).but giveing same error while repairing the pst.
If any body have a solution. pls help me.


If you really, really need ... (Below threshold)

If you really, really need to get back lost mail from your PST you might want to contact these guys: http://www.mjm.co.uk/pst.html it costs a small fortune though ($$ per mb). Unless you're a business it's probably not worth it though.

If you are getting close to the 2gb limit you might want to try using something like PSTCompactor (http://www.PSTCompactor.com) which can compress your attachments, etc and then FORCE outlook to compact the mailbox.

We used it here at my work and recovered just shy of 27% thru the company... our CEO's mailbox crunched down from 771mb to 75.4mb (I KID YOU NOT!).

One last thing, Outlook 2003 has a new PST file format you can 'upgrade' to that removes the 2gb limit. I have seen google postings about increased corruption in other areas though so just take care,and backups, it you switch over.






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