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Random Thoughts

I've been temporarily relieved of my twins (pictures available here later), the wife took them to the mall. Now I can reflect for a moment upon the day on what's happening elsewhere...

Lair has the funniest line of the day so far (Note: It's nearly impossible to keep tabs on other bloggers when you're posting every thirty minutes). "Metafilter discussing Blogathon is like a group of teenaged drug addicts window-shopping outside a Wallgreen's. What a worthless collection of pathetic vanity.

Meryl is offering here AIM ID to sponsors. That's a good idea, but since I already posted mine a little hard for me to use. I could offer up Meryl's AIM ID to anyone who pledges here, but then she'd really be out to get me...

Michele has so many good 80's quizes I only wish I had time to participate.

So I will not be giving my sponsors Meryl's AIM ID, but I will offer you a link to my favorite Warez site. The things you will find there, oh my... Current sponsors send me a message if you want the link. Everyone else the pledging will stay open until Monday, so don't delay.

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Hmmm...I wonder if moving f... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...I wonder if moving from comment box to comment box is in keeping with the whole comment-squatting thing. Guess I could ask Oscar Jr., who seems to be the authority on it.

Anyway, what's Warez?

Software, registration code... (Below threshold)

Software, registration code cracked and ready for use.

Is that legal? or at least ... (Below threshold)

Is that legal? or at least ethical?

I like that idea. I have no... (Below threshold)

I like that idea. I have not had a good Warez link in a while.

Starhawk report back after ... (Below threshold)

Starhawk report back after you visit. Good site, huh?






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