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Rejected Blogathon Themes

My theme is tech blogging and Autism stories. I'm happy with my choices, but there were others that didn't make the cut.

  • InstaPundit Grovel Day - I declare a new holiday by linking to every InstaPundit post for the last year in one post, in a desparate attempt to get noticed

  • Insult Day - Say incredibly mean things about every blogger I can find to drive up traffic

  • Ways to use ACME products on Frank J. - Long descriptions of Wile E. Coyote style attempts to destroy IMAO.

  • Foot Porn - 24 hours of toe shots

  • Cat Porn - 24 hours of cat pictures, just to piss off Acidman

  • Guess what this child had for lunch - I provide the diaper picture and you guess what he had for lunch

  • What Not To Wear - I model 70's and 80's clothes, you decide which stay or go.

  • Car Repair - I get a flat tire and blog it!

Meryl has here list of Rejected Blogathon Themes up as well.

Sorry about those last two, I just couldn't help myself...

Comments (4)

You realize, of course, tha... (Below threshold)

You realize, of course, that I will get you back for that.

But of course. I suggest t... (Below threshold)

But of course. I suggest the ACME Rocket Powered Unicycle. I'm sure Michele will be after me as well...

You post 24 hours of cat pi... (Below threshold)

You post 24 hours of cat pictures and I will hunt you down and kill you with my bare hands. I mean that.

I figured that... That's w... (Below threshold)

I figured that... That's why the idea went in the scrap heap... Plus we don't own a cat...






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