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Show Your MT Comments Inline

In the comments here, Margi asked about the code to show comments inline.

ScriptyGoddess has your code right here.

You should make the changes to the Main, Date and Category Archive templates.

Update: No need to reinvent the wheel. ScriptyGoddess has exactly what you need.

Comments (7)

Auuugh! Kevin! I <a href="h... (Below threshold)

Auuugh! Kevin! I hate it!!!! Please post what I replaced so I can put it back the way it was....

Yes, NOW I realize I should... (Below threshold)

Yes, NOW I realize I should have copied what I was replacing before I replaced it, so I could copy it back if I didn't like the replacement. WAAAAAH!!!!

And all I really wan... (Below threshold)

And all I really wanted was the scripts forthe buttons......I am so annoyed with myself!!!! Waaaaaaahh!!!!!

Thank you very much! I sha... (Below threshold)

Thank you very much! I shall try that right now.

You are the best!

Those are comming later...<... (Below threshold)

Those are comming later...

And because I'm such a gree... (Below threshold)

And because I'm such a greedy little brat, I want to know how you made the comments show up in the "colored box." I see that all the time on "blockquote" and wanted to know how it was done, but was too embarassed to ask. Heh.

I *know these are easy. I'm just THAT stupid. And lazy.

Margi, The colored... (Below threshold)


The colored box around blockquotes is just a function of the Cascading Style Sheet.

Mine is
blockquote {padding:2px 15px 2px 15px; width: auto; text-align:justify; border: solid #BDB76B 1px; }

Just assign it a background color that you like.






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