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Tech Topic - Windows XP Tweaks

To get the ball rolling on the tech support blogging gimmick this hour's subject is Windows XP tweaks and tips. You've got the questions, I'll provide answers... Sound like fun? Leave your questions in comments to this post (that way I can keep track of them as the day wears on).

At the end of the hour I will have a new blog post to address questions in the comments of this post. I think this is the best way for me to remember to make posts every half hour!

If you have a topic you'd like see addressed let me know via e-mail or in the comments.


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Comments (6)

Not strictly an XP OS quest... (Below threshold)

Not strictly an XP OS question, but why the frell does Outlook XP have such a hard time with large ,pst files? The internal data structure of a .pst will support up to 1.7Gb without before it gets squirrely, but Outlook XP will lock if it trys to nibble on a .pst bigger than 1.3 - obscenely large, yes, but attainable in a high volume environment by a less than meticulous (read average) user.

There is a switch in newer ... (Below threshold)

There is a switch in newer versions of Outlook on the PST properties page "Allow Upgrade To Large Tables". As I recall it did have some influence on things as PST size approached 2GB. Sounds like we need to have a chat about Archiving :-).

I am assuming that your drive is NTFS format and you've get plenty of RAM and you run scanpst.exe regularly?

For all things Outlook and Exchange I recomend
Sue Mosher's excellent site Slipstick.

Upgrading to large tables i... (Below threshold)

Upgrading to large tables is apprently more cosmetic than anything else.

Check on the NTFS and RAM.

User education is always so much fun. Herding cats.

I have a wireless network a... (Below threshold)

I have a wireless network at home and everything works pretty well except on the machine that is running XP Home. I have several shared drives on this computer but when I try to access them from one of the others machines I get the message, er, something like, not enough server resources.
I guess there is something I can change on the XP config but I don't know what?
I am logged on AIM as Starhwk if you need more info.

Of course, a lot of the stu... (Below threshold)

Of course, a lot of the stuff people really want to do is in TweakUI For XP.

Starhawk see if the "Simple... (Below threshold)

Starhawk see if the "Simple File Sharing" is the problem. Visit Practical Networking.






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