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Tech Topics - Cool Blog Function

OK so I've got my Diet Vanilla Coke, laptop, and tunes - let's Tech Blog!

The topic is cool features you wish you had on your blog. You name them I'll point you to the answers. Note, I'm much better at MT and Blogger than pMachine and Bloxsom.

BTW- Meryl is dissing the tech blogging... Feel free to leave her comments here...

Comments (8)

The only things I can think... (Below threshold)

The only things I can think of are the things I've already asked you about.

1) Show comments here;
2) Text formatting buttons in comments page; and,
3) Text boxes for >blockquoteshow comments here

Gawd, I'm a geek, huh? And stewpid for not already knowing how.

Are you going to show us any "toiling away for chairty" pictures?

Didn't I e-mail you the tex... (Below threshold)

Didn't I e-mail you the text formatting buttons code? If not I will...

The textbox is using the default CSS formating in my template for blockquote. The problem you would have is all your blockquotes would be outlined. It that's OK I'll send it to you...

Pictures are possible in the wee hours...

I wish I could figure out h... (Below threshold)

I wish I could figure out how to put the category either right under the title of the post or in the footer at the bottom of the post with MT.

If you did e-mail, it's gon... (Below threshold)

If you did e-mail, it's gone with the wind. Heh. And I think I would like all the blockquotes outlined. To stand out. Heh.

How about how to make the e... (Below threshold)

How about how to make the extended entry slide out like your comments do? [in MT] Does that involve any JavaScript?

You're doing Great! Keep on keepin' on! [I'll be back after I get home from the BBQ... ; > ]

Jeff, the code for t... (Below threshold)

Jeff, the code for the category link is easy. You can have it in your comments, the way most people do, or you can have it below your title:

Jeff's Category

To make that a link, put the following code in your template under the title. Substitute the left or right caret for the bracket in the template code, obviously.

[a href="[MTEntryLink archive_type="Category"]"][MTEntryCategory][/a]

ERRATUM:You can... (Below threshold)


You can have it in your comments, the way most people do, or you can have it below your title:

Should have read You can have it in your "Posted by" section, the way most people do....

Sorry about that!

Curious - you and I both ad... (Below threshold)

Curious - you and I both add "bells and whistles" to our blogs on a regular basis. Why don't you ever get crap from Acidboy over it?






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