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A Eagle Eyed Blogathon Spotter Told Me...

Laurence has some explaining to do... He is on Chapter 23 of his pretzel videos, except that he does not have any chapters 7, 8, 10, 11, 16, or 22. Did the Texans forget to teach them all their numbers?

Further, while some may accuse Glenn Reynolds of being a puppy blender, in the Ch. 12 video, Laurence admits to being a kitty blender. I'm sure Acidman is with him on that...

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Wind Rider and I have alrea... (Below threshold)

Wind Rider and I have already brought this to his attention but he ignores us.

Hi! I'm home from work...I ... (Below threshold)

Hi! I'm home from work...I don't see how to put those buttons in my comments box (bold, italics, etc) yet. Did you forget?

I e-mailed the code to you.... (Below threshold)

I e-mailed the code to you... It's a whole Comment Listing Template. You need to save the buttons from the MT edit screen to your images folder to make it work... Backup the template first...

Thanks! I found it--and 4 o... (Below threshold)

Thanks! I found it--and 4 other emails from you I'd never read 'cuz I hardly ever use that email addy....
Looks like something I need to try in the morning, after coffee...






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