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ACME Challenge

It's all about virgins...

First I'm going to trade the roller skis for the ACME Strait-Jacket Ejecting Bazooka.

My Plan:

Departing Kuwait, I use hitchhiker's thumb to catch a ride on an Abrams tanks to the Sunni triangle.

Once there I gulp down hi-speed tonic to race through cross fire. "Hey guy's I'm on your side", I say to everyone I race past...

At the Sunni Triangle post office (an oxymoron if ever there was one), I carefully insert myself into the Air-drop package.

Can't forget to bring along the Instant Girl kit and the Strait-Jacket Ejecting Bazooka, since I'm going to need them.

Nothing like sitting in a box while Mohamed the postman carries me around on the converted Feddayeen pickup truck to Saddam's secret hideout. Saddam has been religiously sending in his post office mail forwarding forms...

Anyway still stuck in my Air-Drop package I sit on Saddam's porch until nightfall. Once Saddam is asleep I carefully extricate myself from the Air-Drop package.

I now activate the Instant Girl and send her into Saddam's bedroom posing as an early arriving virgin from heaven to awaken Saddam from his sleep. Saddam is not at all surprised to see her. Once his lecherous hands begin fondling her I leap into action. You never want to let the Instant Girl interact with real humans for too long, they tend to self destruct...

Utilizing the Strait-Jacket Ejecting Bazooka on Saddam I captured and hog tie him. Mission accomplished...

See Lair's and Michele's answers.

Comments (3)

Whew! glad you caught him!<... (Below threshold)

Whew! glad you caught him!

Hey, guys, I'm on your s... (Below threshold)

Hey, guys, I'm on your side-

Classic. Great job!

Excellent. :-) I hope you... (Below threshold)

Excellent. :-) I hope you slapped him around while you were at it.






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