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Buller?, Anyone Buller?

If anyone is reading, the question is the scariest audience you ever attended a concert with.

For me it was the first KISS reunion tour in the late 90's at the Capital Center in Landover, MD. Pure southern Maryland white trash crowd. Teeth were in short supply. Tattoo's, however, were abundant...

Leave you're in the comments...

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Let's see...does scary in a... (Below threshold)

Let's see...does scary in a non-threatening way work? I went to a Lionel Richie concert (I got the tickets for free and his opening act was Sheila E.) and all the people there were OLD. I was maybe 15 at the time, so the horror!

NKOTB. I still have nightm... (Below threshold)

NKOTB. I still have nightmares.

Madison Square Garden crowd... (Below threshold)

Madison Square Garden crowd at a Black Sabbath concert many years ago. Beer bottles crashing down around us... when my friend and I finally left, a seat three rows down was on fire.

Meryl wins. Eeiii.... (Below threshold)

Meryl wins. Eeiii.

Wow, my name is Buller. How... (Below threshold)
Claire Buller:

Wow, my name is Buller. How cool am I? I'd say the scariest audience is MOTORHEAD. I didn't actually go into the concert but still- they all looked bloody scary.






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