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Caption Contest

The well is running dry so I'm reaching into the bag of tricks... Time for a caption contest. This picture has it all going on...

Winner to be announced Sunday night when I wakeup...


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Comments (7)

Wow--she really DOES taste ... (Below threshold)

Wow--she really DOES taste like chicken!

Blow my whistle baby.... (Below threshold)

Blow my whistle baby.

"Two more satisfied custome... (Below threshold)

"Two more satisfied customers of the GayDar 2000 detection system."

Well, it hardly seems sport... (Below threshold)

Well, it hardly seems sporting if they have GAYDAR painted on their midsections, now does it?

Uhhhh...What was the questi... (Below threshold)

Uhhhh...What was the question?

WHOA! It's not just my GAYD... (Below threshold)

WHOA! It's not just my GAYDAR that's pegged high right now...

We are one easy chair and a... (Below threshold)

We are one easy chair and a sixpack away from a new sport.






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