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Change To The Blogroll

I finally got all the blogrolls sorted out... Here is the New World Order:

The Reciprocal Links section now shows site names. Sites that blogroll me will always be listed in the Reciprocal Links section. If you've blogrolled me and are not listed, send me an e-mail (with your site URL) or leave a comment here. I will be checking for the link so it should be visible. I've split the list into two sections (like OTB) for ease of maintenance - sites that maintain their blogroll with Blogrolling.com and those who don't.

The Blogroll will only show the 100 most recently updated blogs, and I'm seriously considering reducing that number to 75, or 50. If you update your blog and ping Weblogs.com you won't scroll off of the Blogroll. My full Blogroll will always be available via the Wizbang Blogroll Sidebar

To sum up: Sites that blogroll me will be permanenty listed in the Reciprical Links section and the Blogroll section will show the most recently updated blogs on my blogroll.

Extra notes: If you've changed your site URL recently, you should update the target URL of your blogroll on your Blogrolling.com account. If you don't, sites that you blogroll will show your old site as the one who blogrolled them - probably not what you want. I noticed this on links from Adam and Andrea Harris (not trying to single the two of you out) while I was using my account.

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Thanks for the heads up! I... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the heads up! I've got it changed!

A good face is a letter of ... (Below threshold)

A good face is a letter of recommendation...






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