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Let's Go To The Videotape

As Warner Wolf use to say, "Let's go to the videotape". Well sorry I don't have any...

Take a peak at the CamBloggers. Not as peppy a bunch as they were earlier :-)


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Comments (8)

Meandering Mitch! Do you r... (Below threshold)

Meandering Mitch! Do you read!? Come in, Mitch!?

Ground control to Major Tom! There's something wrong!

Ohh, yeah. It's only 10 here. Long night ahead.


And how is your pep holding... (Below threshold)

And how is your pep holding up, Kevin? 7 hours to go?

Pep is maintaining nicely. ... (Below threshold)

Pep is maintaining nicely. Big challenge coming in the next hour...

I have faith in you. And i... (Below threshold)

I have faith in you. And in caffeine.

Hi Jen! It's nice here in K... (Below threshold)

Hi Jen! It's nice here in Kevin's comments, isn't it?

Hi, Susie, yes it is. Nice... (Below threshold)

Hi, Susie, yes it is. Nice and clean. A/C working, too.

The next hour isn't the pro... (Below threshold)

The next hour isn't the problem. It's the four a.m. and beyond, and especially as the world starts to get lighter.

I want to sleep very much, but I wasn't dumb enough to put a webcam in front of my exhausted face.


I can't believe being a blo... (Below threshold)

I can't believe being a blogathon spectator is this tiring--I can't imagine how y'all are handling it.






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