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MT Blog Tricks - Inline Trackbacks

Here's the mac daddy of template tricks. Show your posts trackbacks inline. Why do this? Well it shows readers who is linking to your post, plus it provides Ecosystem links to the people sending you trackbacks.

It's all about extending the discussion. Take a look around at who is already using the code - shouldn't you be on board too?

Place this at the end of your Posted By line, replacing what is listed between the <MTEntryIfAllowPings> and </MTEntryIfAllowPings>

Thanks to Laurence for getting me the code originally. I think he got it from ScriptyGoddess...

Update: Fixed the formatting in the text box so the code shows as it should paste into your template...


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Comments (6)

Personal testimony here--Ke... (Below threshold)

Personal testimony here--Kevin got me hooked with this script a couple of weeks ago. It works great and if you link to others who use it, add a catchy title to you trackback excerpt, it will drive more traffic your way and improve your ecosphere standing.

That one doesn't work for m... (Below threshold)

That one doesn't work for me as written: I think there's a typo.

It looks like immediately after the < MTEntryID > tag, there's a double quote (") that shouldn't be there. At least, my template was all funky until I took that out (it made the "onclick="OpenTrackback(this.href)..." stuff appear as text as my screen.

I also think there are too many paragraph breaks, so I took a few out.

Also, a question. What's that slash (/) doing inside all of the paragraph break tags? I've seen that before, but I don't know what it does.

Whoohoo! It works; thanks K... (Below threshold)

Whoohoo! It works; thanks Kevin. :-)

I do something similar on m... (Below threshold)

I do something similar on my site, but because a trackback ping doesn't rebuild Individual Archives by default, I pull my info straight from the database. :) (this is also published at ScriptyGoddess, but quite some time ago!)

Don't forget about security... (Below threshold)

Don't forget about security. Secureroot.org

Jut wanted to say I finally... (Below threshold)

Jut wanted to say I finally got around to this. Thanks. You have one of the best blogs for other bloggers around.






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